Charon Reports – a plan to do occasional ‘Reports’

Having spoken to a number of sponsors at Insite Law magazine today who like the idea of an Insite Law weekly newswire – I was asked if I would be prepared to do one with Charon posts from time to time.  If it will help the FREE resource project… I am more than prepared to do so.  The content of this edition is based on recent posts.  Future editions may take a similar review format but I suspect that I may well focus on particular issues as well.

Here is CHARONREPORTS 1 – in PDF format. I’m still getting used to the software and format/layout may change for future editions.

Again… your thoughts, comments, suggestions – and even ‘guest articles’ ? – welcome,

2 thoughts on “Charon Reports – a plan to do occasional ‘Reports’

  1. Sir,

    One would be grateful if you could do a regular feature on the exact water contents in the very warm beer now being served behind the bar in the ‘Lamb and Flag’.

    No wonder dear auld blighty has fallen over onto its rather fat arse!



  2. Ah… Sir James… you have recovered from our extended session at the Lamb & Flag then?…. I was rather worried when I saw you pole dancing with my new research assistant…. I have never seen it done with such elan and style…

    Perhaps, I could try a bit of pole dancing next time… if you are minded to let others have a go?

    Speak anon


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