An idea – a weekly newswire summarising law news and comment

I am planning a free weekly newswire to summarise the week’s events – material not published on the blog or Insite Law magazine  as well as selected posts from the blog – which I hope will be of value and use.  Not everyone has time to keep up to date with legal news, reports et al and this service may be of some help.

The contents will include: Law news – a practitioner section written by Peter Groves, solicitor – general news by me, law reports, round up from the Law Society / Bar Council, podcasts and news from the blogs.

It will be financed by sponsors and advertisers to allow me, through Insite Law, to develop (and pay for) the free legal resources I am keen to expand and provide.

Here is the first ‘TEST’ pdf. It is a very short edition to test the concept. I anticipate 15-20 pages as the norm if I proceed with the idea.  The first edition, if the idea proves interesting and people are receptive – will go out next weekend/Monday morning.

Have a look?

If you have time, would  you please  email me or post a comment with your thoughts?

3 thoughts on “An idea – a weekly newswire summarising law news and comment

  1. This seems like a damn good idea to me, and I will be signing up. The official publications that circulate about the law seem very focussed on the money-making side of it, rather than the law itself, so this fills a nice little niche.

  2. Ditto the previous two comments; I’d certainly sign myself up! The layout is very reader-friendly and I think you’ve more or less nailed it right out of the box, Charon! 🙂

    Great job!

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