Budget 2010

The Chancellor has delivered his budget, pleasing Labourites and angering Tories who have rubbished it.  Not much point in reading the blogs on this and twitter is awash with Tory and Labour bloggers et al shouting at each other – pointlessly!  The money markets will decide who is right.

5 thoughts on “Budget 2010

  1. i read about the budget. apparently it was a triumph/disaster that will save/wreck the country by preserving/destroying the wealth of the upper/middle/all classes and doing everything/nothing to assist those who have least.
    at least i think that was it.

  2. loved the piece in the telegraph; it had a rather odd chain of logic:

    1 the real indicator of the money markets’ feelings re the budget was the gilts rate.
    2 this was up.
    3 that indicated that they were unhappy.
    4 the cause of the unhappiness (surmised the article) was that the budget made it more likely there would be a labour govt.

    so if i have this right, the market was down because the budget failed to make things worse for the economy.

    now call me a wide-eyed innocent, but if the chancellor wanted a huge rally from the market then, by the logic above, what he needed was a really disastrous budget. i think he missed a trick there!

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