Police exceed their powers…again? Excellent video film

If you have not seen this short film yet – please do have a look.  It is an excellent film… Hat Tip to blogger Old Holborn...who writes: “I am sick to death of being told what the law is by people who have no idea of the law yet are being paid by me to uphold the law.”


Watch the film

You may also like to look at this for a statement on your rights as a photographer!

7 thoughts on “Police exceed their powers…again? Excellent video film

  1. It would be very funny indeed if it wasn’t for the fact that there’s more than an element of threat involved …. how can individuals like those in the uniforms in this video clip, be selected for positions of authority in our society, when they obviously haven’t a clue about the ‘law’ they are purporting to uphold.

    Send them all, with a firm kick up the backside, to Noddyland to work with PC Plod.

    Shame on the Met PF – scraping the barrel in their recruitment procedures. (One has to ask ‘Were they part-time community officers?’)

    Do you or OH know what the final result of this exchange actually was?

  2. LadyBizBiz – I don’t know what the final outcome was… but Police got it wrong.

    Law is quite clear. … at least they weren’t daft enough to invoke s.44 Terror legislation!

  3. Old Holborn’s quote is quite apposite. It is the turned on its head list of values that are now the official values of the state and must therefore become ours by direct imposition, not even by trickle down effect.

  4. I remember hearing a story that Mark Thomas tells about travelling through Waterloo when it was the Eurostar terminal with a Kurdish human rights lawyer who was stopped pretty much for being a funny colour and they let them go the moment it came out that they’d accidentally got a lawyer. I’m surprised they kept going when those two started to show they knew what they were doing, it’s really not worth the hassle.

  5. I can recall that, more than just a few years ago as a child, I visited London for the first time with my father. We had photos taken (a) outside No.10; (b) outside Parliament; (c) outside Buckingham Palace (with the motionless sentry stood in the background); (d) at the Tower of London. Sadly, the photos. are no longer extant. We also visited Parliament and I stood at the Despatch Box where all the greats (and some not so great) of our history have stood. Where Churchill delivered his “finest hour” speech etc. These were the things which made one genuinely proud to belong to a fine nation which had, then very recently, stood up against the barbarism of the Third Reich.

    I never thought that ELECTED politicians would become so anti the British people that they would actively seek to remove our rights which were fought for by our ancestors through protest and through the blood and gore of the battlefields. In case there is any doubt: NOTHING was ever GIVEN to the British people!

    Where is there a leader fit to stand where the greats stood? How sad that we cannot really see one in waiting. Let us have an end to this creeping authoritarianism. We are a far better nation without it.

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