Saturday hangover….

Although the sun is shining, I may have overdone the juice after clearing rubbish and completing my move from kent to London yesterday…  tea with toast is improving things… I shall go and read the papers at a nearby cafe and plan my next blog posts.  I gather that Labour is relying on the ‘submerged optimism’ of British voters… whatever Orwell speak that is?

Cameron is clearly relying on being ‘cool’… I don’t think I have seen anything quite as bizarre in a political photograph for some time.  I wonder if he may have worn a Che Guevara T-shirt when he was at Eton?

The photograph, by the way, is an official Conservative pic by Andrew Parsons… so no photoshop tamfoollery going on here from me…

I shall write my Postcard from the Staterooms later!

9 thoughts on “Saturday hangover….

  1. We don’t go much on Che in South East Cambridgeshire!

    I’ve come to the conclusion that there aren’t enough hours in the day. The campaign went to Ely this morning and, the City being busy on a Saturday, we met hundreds of people and handed out hundreds of leaflets. The trouble was that I have to be elsewhere this afternoon and have just snatched some lunch at home before heading off again.

    The first task at Ely was to visit Oliver Cromwell’s House. As a member of East Cambridgeshire District Council and as honorary treasurer of the Cromwell Association, I was pleased and proud to be one of those who ensured that the District Council purchased the historic house and did it up to make an excellent attraction for visitors and a Tourist Information Centre.

    A lady member of the TIC staff kindly took my picture alongside ‘Mr and Mrs Cromwell’ but I should add that I don’t normally keep company with dummies, but these are special ones, though I couldn’t get a word out of them.

    I next traipsed the streets and met a large number of people, most of whom, like me, said that they were fed up with all of the major political parties. In my opinion, the disillusionment of the public with all politicians is an extremely serious matter. This disillusionment and downright distrust must be transformed so that, once again, electors will feel confident about and trusting in their representatives in Parliament. I have never, ever, experienced anything like this before. Disillusion and distrust with regard to individuals, yes, but it appears that many now hate the lot of them.

    Of course, as an independent, I shall be the beneficiary of this in South East Cambridgeshire and I am only too conscious of the responsibility of restoring that much-needed trust.

  2. came over via white rabbit as i’ve read your comments there and other places and figured i really did need to visit the source, sugar! xoxo

    (politics are soooo entertaining these days on both sides of the pond! *she said ever so politely*)

  3. i think the poster carries a veiled tony blair tribute with the random emphasis on the word ‘to’ which has entirely pointlessly been rendered in a different colour on the poster.
    he’s kinda ‘small brother’ isn’t he. the one who your mother makes you look after so all yer friends think you’re really uncool and you wish he’d go away or had never been born or you want to sell to the rag and bone man for a balloon.

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