Chilcot enquête spéciale: Non, je ne regrette rien

The BBC reports: Tony Blair has said the Iraq war made the world a safer place and he has “no regrets” about removing Saddam Hussein.

The newspapers will be full of it – but after six hours watching it today, admittedly, while doing other things in parts,  Je suis fatigue. On the way out of the Chilcot Inquiry room Blair was heckled by 2 members of the audience.  One called him a liar and the other called him a murderer.   I make no comment on either of these accusations – but will say this, that it would not have harmed his case at all to have shown greater concern about the death toll, military and civilian.

Blair ran rings around the Chilcot Inquiry today. There were many instances today when the Inquisitioners failed to ask probing questions – some will say, and I have sympathy for this, far too many occasions. Blair gave a very good presentation, so good at times that I wondered if he was giving a presentation to a group of investors at a hedge fund meeting.While Blair was articulate, confident and assertive, I suspect that Gordon Brown, when he appears, will not be quite so smooth.

There were thousands of tweets during the day on Twitter #iraqinquiry #blair – this was one that amused me.

I may have to go back to getting my news in print or from the radio. I just  can’t take any more hyperventilating BBC reporters.

6 thoughts on “Chilcot enquête spéciale: Non, je ne regrette rien

  1. I thought Blair was very articulate in parts – but to his own agenda and speech.. he had, clearly, practised many responses. It wd have been foolish not to have done.

    Ultimately, we have to move on – pragmatic? Yes.. but we have even bigger issues ahead – financial, political, security, economic…?

    It was ever thus. I suspect that government did not dwell that much after Trafalgar… they faced Waterloo a few years later.

  2. Chilcot failed to get anywhere near Blair who offered the nation a masterclass in smoke and mirrors and not a single word of regret.

    His performance only demonstrated that, no matter what the arguments, he was prepared to drive forwards the removal of Saddam. He would have done that come hell or highwater. Nothing and nobody was to be permitted to stand in his way.

    He has introduced the “2010 question” of Iran. This will be a major future point and is seriously worrying. It will be important that the UK gets a steady hand at the tiller and the Iran Question must now enter the 2010 general election. The election of Labour will always have people wondering just how much influence behind the scenes Blair is exerting and he has now stated publicly that he would do the same to Tehran as he did to Baghdad. On the other hand, the Tories supported the Iraq War and did so, so it appears, almost unquestioningly. Will their hand on the tiller be any steadier?

    The ability of the UK to commit forces to endless wars must also be called into serious question. The Foreign Office and British governing class have to be made to realise that Britain’s role on the world stage needs serious reassessment. Despite having brilliant and first class armed forces, we are not able to police the world militarily even standing “shoulder to shoulder” with the Americans.

  3. One thing is common that we will never accept that we did a mistake. We lost a lot of good soldier in the Iraq war. But it seems from the interview that this loss is nothing.

    War is not the answer to resolve any conflicts. We should believe in dialogue.

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  4. Mr Blair’s presentation skills is partly how we ended up at war with another nation for no clear reason. It came as no surprise to me how well he presented himself as he has done so throughout his career in politics. He has even managed to put in place another issue for people to consider (the 2010 question of Iran) – something which no doubt will take the heat off of him sooner rather than later.

    I agree with one of the above comments that Mr Blair had “an incredibly soft ride”. This was a chance to question the man who led us to (to what is largely accepted to be an unnecessary) war. I don’t think the most was made of this opportunity.

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