2 thoughts on “Breaking News: What will Jack do now?

  1. The ego of Straw ought to be plain for all to see.

    Here is a government which, in 2003, sought to abolish the ancient office of Lord Chancellor but were forced to make a humiliating retreat back to the drawing board. [In 2009, Lord Irvine of Lairg gave evidence about this to the House of Lords Select Committee on the Constitution].

    They then came up with the Constitutional Reform Act 2005. It created the new Supreme Court. It made the Lord Chief Justice the Head of the Judiciary. There is a new Lord Speaker to preside ove the House of Lords. Despite all this, the office of Lord Chancellor survived and is now combined with the role Secretary of State for Justice. How Straw revels in wearing those splendid robes. He just loves to hobnob with the judges at occasions like the Lord Chancellor’s Breakfast. How they put him with him I simply do not know.

    Is it not time that the job of abolishing the Lord Chancellorship was completed?

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