Absolutely brilliant… for Christmas and every day…

Twitter is a wonderful concept and never more so when humour and kindness overpowers the snakeoil people trying to rip people off.

I follow @Geeklawyer on Twitter who follows @RAFairman – and, through Geeklawyer,  so do I.  @RAFairman is trying to promote and help  raise a lot of money for a remarkable cause run through the Royal Air Forces Association.  I don”t need to write anything for this post.  The best money I have spent in years was a modest donation (everything helps) to this wonderful cause.  I support our troops as most people do.  This gives us the opportunity to show that we also support the families of troops.  I think the idea is brilliant.  I hope you will too and donate if you are able to and wish to.

Click here for the detail about the project and donate from there is you wish to.

What a great way to give a bit of / more  meaning to Christmas.  I am happy to say that it gave me pleasure to read about this and donate a modest amount.

5 thoughts on “Absolutely brilliant… for Christmas and every day…

  1. Excellent cause……and one I’ll gladly donate to. In a perfect world, the equipment required would be standard issue at every base, voted for as such by the duck house, moat, bath-plug, loving MPs. Some hope.

  2. Charoncqc, thanks so very much for your donation and for your Blog Post to help promote.

    This is a fantastic scheme, which several people I know – who are out in Afghanistan right now – are taking part in.

    Thank you to everyone else who is donating – RAFA will make sure that your donations are used to keep the scheme running and to bring families, who are kept apart, just that little bit closer together.


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