Charon makes ABA Journal top 100 blog list?!

I am pleased to report that I appear to be on the ABA Journal Top 100 law blogs list – along with that complete and utter bounder, rogue, mate  and serial Twitterer Geeklawyer.

We are in the IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) section.  It is fortunate we are not appearing in the Legal Theory section.  That would have been just too ironic!

All good stuff.  If you wish to look and vote, please do so. There are, actually, some fantastic US and other blogs on that Top 100 list in various categories  – so t’is a genuine pleasure and an honour to be in such good company.

10 thoughts on “Charon makes ABA Journal top 100 blog list?!

  1. Jennie – Excellent idea. I know Tim… good chap… but we should definitely give him a run… fortunately he is in a different category!
    And… have added your blog to blogroll – always good to know about UK law blogs!

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