Lord Sugar delivers maiden speech in car crash TV style

I quite like ‘SurAlan’ from his various appearances on The Apprentice and he seems to know what he is doing business wise.  Quite why he wanted to be a Lord in the first place  and then deliver an extraordinary maiden speech in The Lords I’ve no idea… but it didn’t go down well.  He did drone on a bit…about himself. Probably best to leave the jokes to people who can tell them rather than ending up as one.

TV maiden speech | Times review | Real Business review

6 thoughts on “Lord Sugar delivers maiden speech in car crash TV style

  1. Charon,

    Lord Sugar has become a laughing stock. Had he been better advised, he would have gone into hiding for the duration of the credit crunch.

  2. Sir,

    A bloody good blow out at your club today my man. I fell asleep on the plane and am now stranded in Edinburgh.

    Be a good chap and send back the car when you’re done. I’m away to find a taxi back to rainy Glesga.



    p.s I believe I may have left my wristwatch in your secretary at some point between the pudding and the cigars.

    Only the gold one will be mine…

  3. Sir James…. Another extraordinary luncheon….. My secretary did remark that you were remarkably punctual. She admires a man who is good on his time management.

    Your car, I’m afraid, was driven away by an American golfer called Tiger something… It is, I regret… a bit damaged. I did tell him that he should have used a driver.

    We shall lunch again before the pagan festival of Christmas… perhaps we could get into the spirit of things by doing so at a shopping mall? Just a thought…

    Best, as always


    PS: I do sympathise with your being stuck in Edinburgh. I had a Mother once who was from Edinburgh….. Lovely woman, of course…. but had a most odd view of Scots history… the old man was from Glasgow….. 65 Niddrie Road, I believe and worked at Melvin Motors opposite after WWII.

    I don’t suppose the garage is still there, of course…. probably been turned into a 2 star Michelin Restaurant…. but there we are.

    I remember going to see my grandmother who lived there. She was always calling on God to take her….. I was too young to understand the significance of this…. but did, I recall now, ask her where she wanted to be taken….

    My grandmother on my Father’s side knew Harry Lauder… extraordinary. I have no proof of this… other than her word…. My Mother knew some equally reputable people in Edinburgh…. well.. I suppose it is possible that this could have been so?

    I miss Alba, of course…. down here in the Garden of England….. one day.. I shall return… maybe when Alex has done the business and Scotland is free again?

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