Ah… a plot…. let’s go and lose it…

The day began well enough  shortly before 4.00 am, the time I usually rise to beat the Grim Reaper to it  – It being well known that a lot of people snuff it at 4.00 am)  – and I enjoyed doing two podcasts later in the morning: One with Paul and Jack from All About Law and one with Geoffrey Woollard, a prospective parliamentary candidate.  This latter  podcast goes up tomorrow morning.

To illustrate the type of day I am having – the more vigilant will have noticed my use of a capital letter after a colon in the paragraph above. In fact you may use a capital or a small letter after a colon and, if you are feeling particularly pedantic,  you may use one or two spaces after the colon. I have known this for some time… in fact, since I was ten, at a school in Scotland, where I spent a fair bit of my time in class wondering whether a board duster was going to come flying my way or not.  I did actually manage to catch a board duster lobbed in my direction on one occasion and asked if the teacher would like it back. He did want it back. But there we are….

I went for a walk after my podcasts, to get some fresh air and buy essential supplies of wine, fags and some provisions.  I bought myself a Marlon Brando Godfather mug.  I really shouldn’t be allowed out…sometimes. Still.. it is a very fine mug for a cuppa.

The day is not over yet… I am getting cabin fever, having confined myself to barracks for two full weeks and my only social contact has been on Skype video…. so I am planning amusements for Saturday.

7 thoughts on “Ah… a plot…. let’s go and lose it…

  1. Sir,

    Never mind Saturday and its amusements, let us meet at your club tomorrow around 11am.

    Vodka, Vermouth, and a very large helping of single malt awaits.

    I’ll send the car for you early.



  2. Ah… Jimmy… I was down your gaff t’other day…. and thinking of you… Agree.. t’is about time we knocked a few off… if you forgive the metaphor.

    11 am it is… will you be bringing your ‘economics strategy adviser’… I found her most entertaining last time… she was telling me about a rather interesting ‘fluctuating cycle theory’ she was working on.

    Could you send a Bentley this time, please… not that bloody US Army Hummer …. I felt very exposed sitting in the gun turret as we drove past West End Central… you know how sensitive Plod can be…. about people wondering abite tine with their own water cannons.

    Yours aye


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