2 thoughts on “Jack Straw speech: Constitutional change and the future of parliamentary democracy

  1. Mr Straw (Honorary LL.D)’s trumpet blowing speech begins by saying that individual liberty and freedom are at the heart of democracy. Sadly, by using the “war on terror” his government has done more to reduce those freedoms than any government we have ever had in peacetime. His government has done more to increase the power of the State over the individual than any other. His government has done more to increase bureaucracy than any other. His government has introduced more criminal offences than any other including many trivial offences such as putting one’s bin out too early etc.

    It is actually worrying that a single political party is driving this constitutional reform. Such reform is something about which there should be far greater consensus. Without that there is always the suspicion that the Party driving the reforms is doing so because they perceive there to be a political advantage to themselves.

    If all this reform was actually as good as Straw claims then people ought to be feeling a lot better about their situation …. but thet are not.

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