College of Law Inside Track Podcast: Keir Starmer QC, Director of Public Prosecutions

College of Law Inside Track Podcast: Keir Starmer QC, Director of Public Prosecutions

I talk to Keir Starmer QC the Director of Public Prosecutions about  the role of the DPP, the recently issued guidelines on assisted suicide, the future of the Public Prosecution Service, the relationship with the independent Bar and opportunities for students and qualified lawyers in the service.

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3 thoughts on “College of Law Inside Track Podcast: Keir Starmer QC, Director of Public Prosecutions

  1. This “different career path” he talks of, he seems to take as a self-evidently good thing, a mark of progress… but I wish you’d asked him whether he sees any value, as I do, in doing both prosecution and defence work? I’ve always taken the view that prosecuting makes me a better defence advocate, and vice versa, but apparently that’s going out of the window, if Keir has his way.

  2. D Smithies: – The podcast was recorded a few weeks ago…. but I have yet to do a podcast where I feel I have asked nearly enough, let alone all, of the questions.

    I am less constrained on time with my own podcasts – but longer podcasts can be a bit of a burden on the listener!

    You are quite right – I should have asked that question.

  3. Right. Keir Starmer is the Director of Public Prosecutions, and I have had to send this song to Gordon Brown. Can’t Mr Starmer do something for me???????? I talk to my Member of Parliament more often than I talk to my own friends.

    “Gordon Brown be my Angel”

    Brahms Lullaby

    Gordon Brown! Gordon Brown!
    Will you be my angel?
    Guardian angel is what I meant
    Will you rescue my soul?

    For you are in charge
    Of these people I wrote to
    Stephen Timms, Jack Straw
    Let me place my trust in you

    Gordon Brown! MP’s!
    Let me sing out loud
    For what you do, for my country
    For my reproductive system

    You right wrongs! My right’s been wronged
    I am desperate for you
    Not just you! There’s Jon Herring
    I’m a violated woman

    Gordon Brown, help me sleep!
    Help me sleep like a baby
    Will my babies ever come out?
    Maternal desires!
    I lost my womanhood
    In a sinister curse
    Gordon Brown! Bring it back!
    You are perfect for that!

    my letter to Gordon Brown reads like this:

    Dear Mr Gordon Brown,

    Following your thank-you note to me dated xth July 2009, I wish to point to the meaning of my song “Gordon Brown be my Angel” which is the contradiction between my status as a victim of the sexual offence of procuring women by false pretenses (it has been illegal in Britain since 124 years ago, the guideline for sentencing is 2 years of imprisonment) and being expected to produce over £90,000 to prosecute the xx-year-old man for his deeds in a private prosecution, money that of course I do not have as a young and ordinary British citizen. This arrangement for prosecuting is entirely unrealistic and public safety is being undermined because of it, so it clearly needs to be changed. I am also by no means the only victim of this sexual offence from recent years. Your friend from Edinburgh University, Miss Katriana H****** whom you lived with for one year as a university student, has had the misfortune of knowing the man well from working at *******. She has been made aware of ********* procure women by false pretenses ****** incident in late January 2009, although the 2 ladies ****** detail. My witnesses include all 3 of them, and many more, and there is also a large pile of documentary evidence to prove the occurrence of events.
    Even though I have called you “an angel” in my campaigning song “Gordon Brown be my Angel”, I wish to make it clear that it does not imply Parliamentary help from you would be a bonus and a matter of generosity- something that is nice to do if the Prime Minister has the time in his busy life. It is fundamentally a necessity for the House of Commons to overcome these issues, whether it involves the Head of the Commons or not! Please refer to Rt. Hon. Stephen Timms for the details. I wish you a pleasant time at Parliament. Please excuse the noise when I sing the song at Parliament Square soon!

    [constituent of Right Honourable Stephen Timms]
    Professor Peter Alldridge and Jonathan Herring have explained sections 74 and 76 of the Sexual Offences Act (2003), the legal impermissibility of sexual relations procured by fraud, since 124 years ago.

    Also see the H. S. Jheeta case from 2006- he was convicted of rape by fraud under SOA 2003 and procuring women by false pretenses under SOA 1956. I guess he was conveniently taken to court because of other offences like making threats to kidnap and procuring money by deception, but laws relating to sexual offences shouldn’t be enforced because it’s convenient to; the law should be enforced because it’s the right thing to do. Someone has to do something in a hundred years!!!!!!

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