A rather grave matter…

When I was a law student, I dug graves to keep myself amused with cigarettes, wine and other sybaritic pleasures.  I don’t dig graves these days,  but as I get older I am definitely interested in the idea of supermarkets flogging coffins.  I can quite happily picture myself, on a Saturday when I collect my shopping, wheeling a coffin out of of Sainsburys on a trolley, taking it home and perhaps using the coffin as a coffee table (and storage facility) until the time comes to get into it.

I just could not resist this story from the BBC this morning…. Halloween?  What’s that? This is far more ghoulish. Have a good night if you are out and about on the night of ghouls.

5 thoughts on “A rather grave matter…

  1. Sir,

    For the love of God, man! Did we not once make a pact to never again discuss those midnight trips into the back woods of Barlanark, with the torches strapped to shovels?

    It was a different time back then, and we did what we had to do.

    Lunch… today… your club, I’ll bring the entertainment. Brunettes, around 25, tidy in the derriere department, not too large in a very small IQ kind of way..
    Shall we say 11:30?



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