Lawcast 158: The Bar Professional Training Course at Kaplan Law School


Kaplan Law School

Lawcast 158: The Bar Professional Training Course at Kaplan Law School


Today I am talking to James Wakefield director of the Bar course at Kaplan law School in London. From September 2010 the Bar Vocational Course BVC will be called the ‘Bar Professional Training Course’ BPTC. Kaplan has been validated by the Bar Standards Board to deliver the Nottingham Law School course in London as from September 2010.  Kaplan states on its website that The Nottingham Law School Bar Vocational Course has been long established as one of the best in the country with double the average pupillage rates and the highest student satisfaction rates.

Controversially, while the Bar Standards Board was not able to introduce an aptitude test after Office of Fair Trading intervention – Kaplan is introducing one of its own.

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4 thoughts on “Lawcast 158: The Bar Professional Training Course at Kaplan Law School

  1. The BSB is actively pursuing the introduction of a ‘universal’ entry aptitude test. However, the test will not be in place for those applying in 2009 for a 2010 start. We are currently working on a pilot test for this year and the test is expected to be in place for those applying in autumn 2010 for 2011 start.

    Although the BSB sets minimum entry requirements, it is not prohibited for Providers use their own additional selection criteria where competition is intense.

    Dr Valerie Shrimplin
    Head of Education, Bar Standards Board

    • Valerie

      Thanks for this – helpful.

      The entry test will, I hope, make for a fairer system for those who want a career at the Bar. The Bar has always been competitive – but an aptitude test may well even out ‘other factors’ for pupillage and tenancy?

    • Najeeb…

      You need to contact your provider. Have a look at Simon Myerson QC’s Pupillage and How to get it blog – see my blogroll on the right hand side for the link.

      I can’t give you advice on this myself – good luck

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