Independent: Mutilated for voting in defiance of the Taliban

The Independent reports today….

Mutilated for voting in defiance of the Taliban… grotesque and barbaric.  This is the future for Afghanistan? If Coalition forces and the Afghanistan army cannot make further headway?

What is is with religion: – a conjuring trick at best, a brutal tool of social control and fear at worst?  How many wars in the world today are being fought in the name of a god – who may well not even exist? (and, frankly, if god does exist – he ain’t exactlya barrel of laughs or a fun guy with this lot spreading his religion – it is unlikely, I suspect, that a woman would not be allowed to be ‘ god ‘ in this appalling interpretation of Islam.

3 thoughts on “Independent: Mutilated for voting in defiance of the Taliban

  1. It’s not religion that’s at fault, but the lunatics who claim to adhere to certain religions. The Taliban aren’t Muslims, they’re murderous lunatics. The Provisional IRA had nothing to do with Catholicism, they’re murderous lunatics.

    It just so happens that these lunatics, for who murder and mutilation is a turn-on, come together in groups where they believe they’re religiously justified to murder, rape and pillage in God’s name.

    Their time in power in Afghanistan showed they cared little for what Islam is really about. It was just a bunch of nutters who ruled through absolute fear.

    Similarly, leftist groups that have existed throughout Latin America have never really been about a greater cause, such as overthrowing governments and bringing in Marxism. It was about murderous lunatics exerting as much power and fear over a population as possible, and just so happened to discover producing cocaine was far more desirable. If anything they showed themselves to be the ultimate capitalists. Some use Marxism as an excuse, others use God.

  2. Magicbath – you have a point… that is why I used the words ‘may not exist’

    History shows us (our own included) that much is justified in the name of god…….

    There is only one god? Good grief… what a ludicrous and inconvenient idea… look at the number of variants of christianity let alone islam based on one ‘god’….

    I gave up on all forms of religion many years ago – but, like many, I respect the right of those who wish to practise it – provided it does not cause harm to others – then I do not respect that right.

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