Bolch did it! His book is NOW OUT!!

An ex girlfriend once called me ‘Lord of the Aisles’ on account of the number of times I had troubled the Registrar of Marriages and a country vicar – of methodist persuasion – although I told him I was an atheist.. and wouldn’t be involved in any of the mumbo jumbo bits.   I was fortunate in being able to handle my own divorces in a thoroughly civilised and amicable way and as I now have an ASBO prohibiting me from going within 200 yards of a Church, Register Office or other ‘approved premises’  licensed for the purposes of matrimony – I won’t be needing John Bolch’s EXCELLENT new book Do Your Own Divorce – (Now in print!)

I have read the book… indeed, I get a mention in Dispatches, no doubt for persuading Mr Bolch to try the odd glass of Rioja – although I have had absolutely no success in converting him to the wonders and delights of SMOKEDO.

It is a very good book – clear, practical and well written.  It will save you a lot of money (priced at only £10.99 – but £7.14 on Amazon)  but John does explain that in certain circumstances legal advice from a solicitor will be required. Bedtime reading it is not – especially with your future divorcee present – but I enjoyed reading it from the standpoint of an academic and writer.

Available now from Amazon.

3 thoughts on “Bolch did it! His book is NOW OUT!!

  1. I was about to emit an evil cackle and observe that this book’s amazon rating – 3,870,411 – is even worse than mine. Then I noticed ‘this book has not been published yet’


    Someone must have ordered it pror to publication, which is a good sign. You don’t get an amazon rating with no sales at all.

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