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I am delighted to report that Dr John Birchall, a barrister and experienced academic, will be writing the free text and produce free lectures for Equity & Trusts and Land Law and his new text will start to appear on Insite Law Magazine from the third week in September.  This means that we now have 13 major subject areas covered – an extensive free resource for students and others, including non-lawyers who are interested in law.  I am pleased that students and others are looking at the resources or using them  – some 31,000 pageviews on Contract’s 30 page URLS in the short time it has been up.  Nick Holmes was right – Free Legal Web is an idea worth looking at – free to the user.  I am grateful to all the sponsors who have already got involved.

The free resources will, we hope, not only be helpful to students but also to practitioners in keeping up to date – because we are monitoring all the main House of Lords and Court of Appeal cases in these 13 subject areas, providing links to BAILLI and by doing a short analysis.  The Contract, Intellectual Property and Sale of Goods updaters are already being done… and the others will start to appear as texts, lectures come online on Insite Law from mid-September.

Contract lectures: I have now produced 12 of the 20 lectures to support the Contract materials – so if you would like to listen to a ‘bit of Contract’ while you are on the train… or elsewhere… no problem! See my Contract book.

3 thoughts on “Insite Law free resources project

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  2. Hi

    I ve been reluctant to take my laptop backpack on the tube for a while now. Can I download the lectures to play on my ipod?

  3. Befuddled… if you have Quicktime pro installed – you can download the lectures to your laptop. You may be able to do this in any event by right clicking….

    be my guest. the lectures do follow the text – deliberately but I do expand a bit by way of explanation in the lectures where need arises.

    Listening to the lectures can sometimes reinforce the written text and can be another way of covering the ground… I hope you find them helpful

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