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I am delighted to be able to say that Andrew Keogh, Barrister and author of The White Rabbit blog, an experienced practitioner and published author,  is going to be publishing his new Criminal Law text and lectures on Insite Law FREE.  I am hoping to be able to announce Constitutional Law soon.  I am looking, now, for an author for Land Law and one for Equity.  Users will always be able to have full access free – revenue is generated fom sponsored advertising from law schools, bookshops, publishers, law firms and chambers interested in reaching students – but the advertising will be discreet and professional.

Have a look at what is available so far? : Contract, Sale of Goods and Intellectual Property. Coming soon – UK & EU Competition Law, Tort, Crime. It is likely we will also cover Company law, Land Law, Employment Law and Tort (my Tort book will be published in instalments and will be complete by December) In most cases, recorded lectures will accompany the online materials (25+ hours in most cases) and these will also be FREE

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