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I am publishing a new Law of Contract project – free to view - which includes a text, cases from Bailli and Wikipedia, a new Contract Law blog and a news feed.  The first seven chapters are now available subject to updating work due to completed by 10th August.

Have a look?

5 thoughts on “Law of Contract – free resource…

  1. I’m not sure I understand the model here. The chapters on the site do not appear to really be a ‘text’ or ‘book’, but are instead what I would consider lecture handouts. Handouts are only really useful when paired with lectures, which these are obviously not. Otherwise, they just become in-house versions of those dreadful Nutshells books.

    In no way am I knocking what you are attempting to do – it’s a good and laudable thing, but I think it needs careful implementation in order to get it right, and know exactly what it is trying to achieve.

  2. Hi Martin… they are structures which students can use to build some decent reading. Some university lecturers, thankfully, do know how to teach – others do not. For the students who get the good lecturers these notes will not be particularly useful without recorded lectures. I am planning to do 40 lectures in Contract.

    Last year when it was in pdf format 12, 136 were downloaded so presumably of some use… with the hyper linking to BAILLI it improves the usability – and some of the Wikipedia stuff is very good.

    I do not share your view that Nutshells are dreadful. They are written, often, by very good lecturers (I know some of the writers and they are excellent lecturers) and have been helpful to students as a base from which to build.

    No-one is suggesting that a handbook, Nutshell on its own is sufficient – but if it helps to order work and structure further reading it is worth doing.

    Students who go straight to Treitel or McKendrick (who I used to know well) will have no need of this or any book… but, there again, they probably won’t need their university lecturer either!

    There is a fair amount of snobbery at university about books, primers and the like – which is less than helpful to students – and sometimes , ‘curiously’, from people who couldn’t teach their way out of a paper bag in terms of making the subject lively and interesting and engage the attention of the audience.

    I am very keen that students go to the serious books, read articles (where they are of value – many aren’t) and go to the original law reports and learn law that way…. if my ‘notes’ assist – great.

  3. Hi Charon,

    Looks good, my knowledge of contract law is extremely poor, I’m afraid I had a bad tutor who called us useless and frequently referred to my seminar group as being shit.

    Though my interest did pick up whilst I mooted in a competition that was purely contract.

    Baili links very good also, I’ve been asked to update information for judges that include Baili links, anything to get the old gits online!

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