Barbecue Summer…?

It’s an old joke… and I am grateful to my dear friend in BrisVegas, Australia for sending it to me… but I just could not resist after the ludicrous predictions of the Met Office that we would have a long hot sizzling “Barbecue Summer”.  Well… as we all know… we haven’t….. and even the Third Ashes Test was delayed… and you can’t get more serious than that in the great scheme of life.

6 thoughts on “Barbecue Summer…?

  1. James…

    This something I shall investigate… I am going to go Walkabout in BrisVegas come the Wintere here… to visit my friend… I will then be in a position to report…

    Does a City have to be serious…? London, by definition, is schizophrenic?

  2. Sir,

    I once ventured to Australia on a spot of collection duties in my youth, and spent a very jocular time with the people of NSW. I spent much of my time being entertained by the good people of Albury, Wodonga, Ballarat, and Dandenong.

    As high up the food chain as we Scots are, I would be most delighted to have the penal people as neighbours. One does so enjoy the humour and the hospitality of the working class.

    Sadly, the nearest we have to hospitable neighbours across the border here is the Northumbrians. A similiar outlook on life, but far less Aboriginal cave paintings.

    Od course there are those left behind by those strange folk fae Sunderland of course…

    Until lunch then,



  3. Despite the loss of Amsterdam at least global warming will bring us a cricket season of decent length. This may not always be a good thing when trying to reclaim the ashes from visiting Australians.

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