27 July: News up on Insite Law

News is up on Insite Law

The news is up in RSS feed format on Insite Law. There is also a searchable news blog which provides the feeds of headlines and a brief summary.  The links, of course, go to the full news report from the Insite news blog archive.

I have also built a widget to feed the ICLR Weekly Law Report cases directly to the right hand panel on the front page of Insite.  Again, there is a searchable blog archive.  The RSS feed provides the area of law, name of the case, date and the cases blog archive gives the summary.  The link on the law reports blog archive is searchable and the link takes you to the ICLR daily summary.

Law Minx: Thanks For Doing a LOVELY Job: The First Annual Minx Blawggies………
Law Minx has been handing out the prizes… (Charon QC got one!)

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