Inner Temple / Middle Temple Library survey

Inner Temple has issued an online survey as part of their feasibility study into the possible merger of the two Inn libraries. You may express your thoughts on the possible plan to merge the two Inn Libraries: Click here for the Inner Temple Survey

Inner Temple Library news has the details of the latest position

To view the straw poll I conducted on the blog a month or so back –   View / vote on that poll.

5 thoughts on “Inner Temple / Middle Temple Library survey

  1. Sir,

    What is all this talk of Inner Temples marlarkey? One hopes that you are not cavorting with those Proddymasons and their leather toad licking boy scouts late of Bearsden?

    Good God, man. One will have to consider ones reputation amongst his fellow users of the prison library if this poppycock is allowed to continue unchecked.

    Apologies, but luncheon Friday at Langhams will be 15 minutes later than usual. One has a pressing engagement with the gendarmes in Alnwick after brunch, and sadly that awful Stellios will not put on an extra flight to assist me in my hour of need.

    I’ll skip our usual pre-luncheon wet at the bar, and will go directly to the table before you reach the salad course.



  2. Sir James

    Luncheon at Langhams… always a pleasure….. I have no idea why you think I eat salad…. I eat PRAWNS…. simply because I have got it into my head that they (the prawns), and they alone, are the sole cause of global warming.

    I have been to many supermarkets to buy their stocks…. I made the mistake of using my Nectar loyalty card .. so now Sainsbury’s know what I am up to and, using the intelligence gathered that I bought 73 boxes of prawns at £1.99, … they have re-stocked their entire cold cabinet with prawns.

    Fear not… I have a plan… I shall pay with CASH next time… tomorrow morning, in fact, but I would be obliged if you don’t tip them off.

    When I rang Greenpeace about this… they weren’t terribly impressed… in fact… I am sure I heard one of the tree huggers calling NHS Direct to inform them that I was on the telephone.

    I don’t suppose the chef at Langhams would be interested in 4500 prawns that I just happen to have in my fridge?

    I’ll be there… doing my duty, as always…

    See you then….

    Are you coming with Tim Henman? Or is he rather tied up at Wimblebore?

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