Get a job as an MP and have lots of jobs…

Following on from DuckGate and MoatGate the newspapers are now running amok with tales of greedy MPs with multiple jobs; causing embarrassment to some, discomfort to others and general outrage from many.  Part-time MPs don’t give the attention to our affairs that the position merits.  I do understand that MPs may well be able to take on a bit of consultancy to up their income but when fees earned from outside interests are stratospheric people begin, inevitably, to question why an MP should be worth so much. Conflict of Interest?
The real issue is not so much the amount they get paid but how many hours they are devoting to their outside interests at the expense of the taxpayer.  If they are part-time, perhaps they should resign and let someone else who wants to work in parliament and represent constituents do it.

One thought on “Get a job as an MP and have lots of jobs…

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