A rant… Time to defenestrate!!!

I was was one  of many  first purchasers of the Apple Mac 128k in 1984 (I think it was 1984).  I have used Macs all my professional life. They are excellent.   I bought a Sony Vaio PC three months ago because I felt I needed a PC laptop – simply because the world works on PC.  (OK.. I also wanted to play shoot em up games in quiet moments). I am a fan of Sony.  I have had Sony televisions, Sony television cameras and Sony digital cameras.  Unfortunately, the Sony Vaio is a PC and it uses WINDOWS Vista.

Mac users multi-task. Creative people use Macs.  When I try to open Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Audacity, Firefox, Word and ‘Winfail’ on the Sony Vaio PC all at the same time – it doesn’t like it.  The Mac would drink a bottle of wine, smoke a cigar, phone the prime minister, solve the fucking global credit crunch AND allow the user to use all these programmes at the same time, if need be.  BUT… not Windows.  it slows up. It does weird things.  I get WinFAIL error messages and it refuses to send emails. Add Norton 360 into the recipe (Macs don”t need anti-virus software) and multi-tasking on a PC became a Friday 13th nightmare and I just know that a virtual Jack Nicholson is inside this bloody computer… waiting with an axe to chop up the registry files and crash the entire fiasco.

So… when my PC reads this… if it doesn’t behave… I am going to buy a shotgun and shoot it… and then I’ll go out and buy a computer that does the business…. and go back to Macs!

Note to commenters with PCs: Yes I know you are all beside yourselves with how good PCs are… but you don’t know you have a problem… because you haven’t used Macs and if you start giving me advice….  I may just send the virtual Jack Nicholson with his axe, who is lurking in my Sony Vaio,  over to your computer!

The doctor is coming soon with my Rioja injection.  I’ll be OK soon.

9 thoughts on “A rant… Time to defenestrate!!!

  1. Excellent rant, top notch RIOT! The Doctor would approve:

    I was brought up with PCs, an 8088 being one the first machines I played with, and grew up a Windows user. I belittled Macs according, as is so often the case with the uninformed, but eventually as I started to earn money and lose time, I succumbed to the shiny and bought a Powerbook. I’d already become quite familiar with Debian Linux on the server side and was looking for something with good UNIX/BSD underpinnings that would play along, and I wanted something that would ‘just work’ with the minimum of fuss. A Mac running OS X fit the bill nicely.

    My, what a breath of fresh air! The consistency is what got me most: 3rd party applications all conformed to keyboard shortcuts, had the same window styles, all had exceptional art and icons – there was a passion with which the developers followed Apple’s HUD guidelines that led to a clean, simple, *elegant* user experience. As for the OS, again the attention to detail was evident in abundance and the logical concept of each user operation and the operating system itself was so much better thought-out. Apple also have the enviable advantage of controlling the hardware, drivers and OS, which undoubtedly helps keep things stable and seamless.

    Not having to fight against the OS or inadequate software makes such a difference, I don’t think I could ever go back.

    With that said, I could offer some tips to get the Vaio running more smoothly:

    Running lots of applications at once under Vista requires copious amounts of memory. The OS itself will take up the lion’s share of 1GB, and Photoshop is an absolute hog that’ll eat up every ounce of RAM you throw at it. An upgrade to 4GB (I assume 2x2GB chips) will cost <£50 and, assuming your OS supports it – yes, another great Windows foible: you need the 64bit version to be able to use more than ~3GB – this'll make things *much* more comfortable.

    Get rid of Norton, it's an abomination and sullies the name that was sold to Symantec years ago, back when he/they made good software. What to recommend instead? Well, you'll end up paying as the free ones are rubbish, but either NOD32 or Kaspersky are both fine choices. Running your user account as a standard user instead of an administrator helps a lot, too.

    Of course, the better solution is to buy VMWare Fusion (or Parallels Desktop), run their virtualisation conversion tools and run Vista on your brand-new Mac in a virtual machine. Windows is much nicer when its confined inside this software – you can quit or suspend it at a whim and return to the loveliness that is OS X.

  2. Charon, you’ve got recent Intel Macs. Why not install windows via bootcamp and dual boot for those shoot-em up moments? Got to be better than a Sony laptop. Oh and try the Windows 7 release candidate trial – it’ll work till March next year. I have to say it is a massive improvement on Vista.

    I’m a dual (old PPC) Mac and Ubuntu user. I only use windows XP via virtualbox on the Ubuntu laptop for those perverse ‘windows only’ file moments. If you need windows, there are ways to avoid actually getting a windows only machine.

  3. Nearly Legal

    Excellent… thank you…. but I have been drinking South African Shiraz at 14.5% and a bit of Rioja as well… so I think you might be speaking Russian or Serbo-Croat…

    I am sure that what you say will make sense to me in the morning….. !


    Are you well?

    I am… obviously….

  4. Stef… excellent advice… thank you, as always, for taking the time and trouble. You should be given Knighthood for all the free advice you give to everyone on twitter and to @GEEKLAWYER in particular who, because he gets pissed or stoned, seems unable to work any of the expensive computers, cameras and kit he buys!

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