Snobbery and bed-wetting continues in Parliament.

We learn today that only three Tories voted for Bercow in the Speaker election. Nadine ‘off her’ Dorries was almost spitting with rage at the announcement.  Few Tories clapped in the Chamber. Bercow, although a Tory, was not ‘one of them’.   All in all, frankly, a pretty poor show. Dorries, apparently, described the election as a V sign to the British public by Labour.

Paul Waugh, writing in the Standard has this tale – which hardly reflects well on the so called ‘New Tories’.

I quote:  “….One mutters that Bercow wasn’t even a grammar school boy. But another example of snobbery that takes the biscuit is this:

A Shadow Cabinet minister was asked about the new Speaker’s robes and their resemblance to an Oxbridge student dressed for High Table. “I think you’ll find that he didn’t attend that kind of university….unlike me,” came the withering reply.”

Alan Duncan is reported as saying on Sky: “I think it’s undoubtedly true to say that John is a motivated and complex character. I think that a lot of people, of course, are annoyed that he worked out how to get elected and got there.”

It would appear that the Tory party still has a number of snobs and bed-wetters in it.  Surprised?

5 thoughts on “Snobbery and bed-wetting continues in Parliament.

  1. Evidence that MPs have learned absolutely nothing about the culture that’s now expected of them. It’s time we pulled the chain on this toilet of a Parliament. “You have sat here for too long for any good you are doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go! “

  2. Pragmatist…

    Have you qualified as an exorcist today?! Excellent. Do you get CPD hours for this? If so… I shall do the course.

    It is astonishing… truly astonishing. Can’t stand ANY form of snobbery.

    If one is fortunate enough to have been born into a wealthy family or a family that scrimped and saved to send their children to a decent school or university… sneering at others rather undoes the whole value of education..

    Can’t stand those who engage in this sort of thing. Speaker Martin may well have done some bizarre things as Speaker – but there is no excuse for mocking his background

    I’d FAR rather have a working class Glaswegian in my unit than some chinless bed wetting vapid, sneering tosser from Eton and Oxford with his dick in his right hand and no balls!

    Thankfully, those from Eton/Oxford etc are not all of that latter sub species of mankind.

    Nothing like a good rant! Feel better already 🙂

  3. To be clear: my point was that the Tory reaction to Bercow’s appointment is evidence that they don’t get what’s expected of them. I couldn’t give a damn who the Speaker is, so long as he/she insists on transparency etc.

    We already know the Labour MPs don’t understand what’s expected.

    Which is why the whole place should be flushed out.

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