11 thoughts on “In the beginning… man created God…

  1. Ferinannnd

    Will you please stop posting your spam on my site… not many of my readers live in Russia or speak Russian…

    I won’t ask nicely again…


  2. Ferinannnd

    Пожалуйста остановить спам-сообщения на мой сайт …. Я не буду просить приятно снова. Спасибо

  3. SW,

    This is the translation back to Englsih from google translate:

    ‘Please stop the spam messages on my site …. I will not request the pleasure again. Thanks’

  4. SW: good innit!!

    JamesC.. My linguistic skills are not that advanced. I enjoy Google translate… can be most useful!

    Nearly fooled a German friend of mine that I’d learned German in five days… until he wanted to speak to me on the phone, that is!

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