Blawg Review 1 June

As the slot was still available – I am pleased to report that Ed of Blawg Review has allowed me to host Blawg Review on 1st June.  As it happens, many interesting things happened on the 1st June in history including, would you believe, in 1812, a US president asked Congress for approval to declare war on the United Kingdom. It was also the date on which the smoking ban came into force in 20007 in England. So.. as you can imagine, this will allow me to encourage all bloggers to take up Smokedo – Smoke yourself fit with Charon… it is working for me. Soon, I shall paint myself green… and I will get that seat on the train when I leave Victoria late at the end of one of my journeys to get over refreshed with mates in London.

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4 thoughts on “Blawg Review 1 June

  1. Well, that’s a tad disingenuous, Charon. After all, the United States would be happy to declare war on the United Kingdom any day, and it was merely fortuitous that it happened on June 1. That time.

  2. OK… OK… you’ve rumbled me, Scott… but the date was available and I do enjoy cooking up nonsense for BRs…. and it will keep me out of the bars that draw me like flowers draw bees!

    I shall run amok on 1st June…

  3. For those of us still struggling with the smokedo manoevres, it was useful (and not just a little absurdly hilarious) to see the master do a demo. Might this be a precursor to the release of an instructional DVD ?

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