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Justice for Gurkhas petition

Join The Daily Telegraph’s campaign to help seek Justice for Gurkhas, calling on ministers to grant them the right to live in the country they have served.
Neuroenhancers and lawyers
Professor Simon Fodden, Slaw: A fascinating blog post about the use of neuroenhancers to improve memory, attention span, performance. Will lawyers be drawn to them? Will lawmakers require certain professions to use them in the future – doctors, pilots – anyone whose job requires enhanced levels of performance.Will lawyers be negligent if they don’t use them in a future world? A good read.

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A barrister falls down a manhole while on a crime scene visit.  He is drained by the experience | Quota system may be considered for judges | Four years, 52 dead, £100m – no convictions | Natasha Phillips interviews John Hemming MP | Head of Legal:Harriet’s Law – The Equality Bill

2 thoughts on “29th April : News up on Insite Law

  1. Charon,

    I don’t understand why Gurkhas should have the right to live in the UK.Was it ever promised to them?

    It seems rather odd that so much is made of this issue, when the media says absolutely nothing about the plight of the Chagosians.

  2. No question Gurkhas should have the right to live in UK having served the British for countless years.

    Only in recent years have they been given the right to have their families live with them here while serving. Previously Gurkha soldiers had to come to serve on their own leaving their familes behind, sometimes for many years.

    They only obtained pension rights from the government by taking legal proceedings (while their British collegues in the Army had a pension all along).

    Prior to obtaining pension rights many were destitute when they retired and returned home.

    A more trustworthy and respectful people you could not meet and I totally support Gurkhas having the right to remain.

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