Should he stay or should he go….?

Downing Street has a petition on their website asking if the prime mentalist should resign. It started on Friday and now has over 10,000 signatories.  You may care to add your name to the list?

Guido has the story… ineluctably.

3 thoughts on “Should he stay or should he go….?

  1. Sir,

    He should never have arrived in the first place. A good heart, but sadly he has the foolishness of a clown about him.
    The bad breathed fellow before him left Gordo with little more than a blunt Bush knife in his back.

    He was always a terrible fop at school if I remember correctly.

    I’ve come across similiar chaps in the barred establishments of Englands (but not mine) queen, who have also been left with a still smoking gun.

    Not in the confined sense of course. One can never sleep anywhere other than the silkiness of my Caledonian water filled bed these days.

    Luncheon Friday as usual, I was thinking along the lines of roughing it in Langhams perhaps?

    Arriving Stansted around 8:30, business in the Strand, then lowering the yard arm for an early brunch, at say 10:45?

    Do bring along that delightful ‘niece’ of yours for company, charming girl… she has your hands amongst other body parts.



  2. Ah… Sir james….

    Good to have you aboard again this fine night. It was a puzzling thing for Cyclops to do to put a poll on his own website asking for a vote – but… there you are. He is a rather puzzling chap. It may be the Lithium or prozac… who knows?

    I find Brown an unattractive leader for this country. He lacks that Palmerstonian edge…. Palmerston knew when and how to put a shot across the bows and send a gunboat. Brown just seems to sink the fucking things.

    He is a Jonah and Jeremiah rolled into one. The sooner he ships himself back to Fife – the happier I’ll be. Charlie Falconer should have a go…. small matter of his being elected shouldn’t be a major difficulty, given the Brown precedent – but I grant you, at least Brown is an MP.

    Langhams will suit me fine. An early lunch will give us time to go to that rather good club you took me to last time… Spearmint… something….

    My ‘niece’ as you so delicately put it… is in fact my secretary and PA. I do not employ relatives. I am not an MP.

    She does have rather brutal hands… I don’t have first hand experience, of course – but I can observe the anatomy of her hands when she is necking a bottle of wine in one.

    Still… she is a pleasure to spend time with. I’ve got her working on how to use Windows and PCs for Dummies. Only a maytter of time

    See you at 10.00.

    a piu tarde


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