6 thoughts on “Reggie Perrin murdered… Anyone know a good criminal lawyer?…

  1. WHY cant people just allow things to stand as the classics that they are without having to put a completely naff 21st century “spin” on it?
    So it is with this “new” version of Reggie Perrin. There is no creative imagination left in the bottle, anymore……

  2. I lasted about 15 minutes. The bits they retained from the original seemed to presume the viewer understood the joke already and the new stuff was a whole different style. Result, an unbalanced mish-mash that just didn’t work.

  3. I got bored about about 15 minutes, too! It appears to be a very ordinary office-based sitcom, with Martin Clunes redoing some of his Men Behaving Badly stuff, spiced up with a few references to Perrin. Rubbish. If Clunes really thinks that’s funnier than the original, it doesn’t say much for his taste or judgment. I suppose he has to say it.

  4. It was predictably pretty dire stuff. Perhaps they should have set in in Bullivant and Partners??? 😉

    Actually that would be a better location for a re-make of ‘Some Mothers Do ‘Ave Them’

    ‘Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Betty! Judge says I done a whoopsieeeeeeeeeeee@ 😮

  5. I would be a bit more charitable, if only because I wonder whether the actor playing the John Barron boss role might save the programme in this re-invented form. Clunes will not, simply because, through no fault of his own, he does not have the malevolence that Rossiter brought to his roles (probably with little effort as he was reputed to be a complex character in real life).

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