BabyBarista comes out of the shadows!

BabyBarista comes out of the shadows!

The Times Online has today revealed Tim Kevan, barrister and author of The Barrister blog, as the writer of their blog BabyBarista . To read the article, click here . It also reports that Bloomsbury will be publishing the first book in the series entitled ‘BabyBarista and the Art of War’ (pictured). To buy an advance copy of the book, click here .

Tim Kevan’s Barrister Blog

Good stuff, Tim – keep on surfing and writing.  We’ll have to do another podcast soon.

6 thoughts on “BabyBarista comes out of the shadows!

  1. @Tim Kevan. Oh well played, sir, very well played indeed. And congratulations. best of luck with the book.

    By an odd co-incidence of timing (perhaps it affects law bloggers of our vintage), I have also been outed in the last week, although thankfully not online, and very thankfully not in the Times. It seems to be going OK…

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