Hi Adobe… thank you very much for writing to me

Hi Adobe… thank you very much for writing to me

… but in these difficult days why do you you think, when I have paid a lot of money for your excellent products over the years, I should want to give you my thoughts for FREE?  I am an academic lawyer, blogger and a writer…. I pay you for your software in full – have the courtesy to pay me for my opinion?

I intend to publish this on my blog and send it to my reader (depending on which Stats package you use – and that does not include @StephenFry’s Followers on Twitter, who I shall inform immediately)  – because, frankly, you make a lot of money already, which I don’t begrudge, and I really do not see why you can’t pay those you ask for advice for the time involved in completing your development surveys or give them something in return, like a free brush tool add-on for Photoshop or perhaps a turbo charged pdf add on for Acrobat Reader?

Maybe I should go off to Pirate Bay and just rip you off and get your stuff for free like everyone else does? ….  but I won’t because I am one of the last of The Mohicans and I don’t rip software off.

I’m sorry if this sounds harsh – but you guys already try to rule the world… I’m OK with that, provided you pay us to live in your world.

On that note… goodnight.

Charon QC

PS… my Bank Account is a bit lonely at the moment… if you ask it nicely it will receive your consultancy fee with grace, elegance and passion …. email Tartsareus@charoninc.orgasm for details.

On 18 Mar 2009, at 00:05, The Adobe Research Team wrote:


Adobe is conducting a survey to better understand the teaching and professional development needs of customers like you. Please take this opportunity to tell Adobe about your experiences so that we can continue to improve in a way that serves you best.  Please note that this survey will be running for a limited period of time; therefore, please complete the survey as soon as possible. This survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

[It drones on for ages… so I cut the rest….]

Thank you in advance for your participation. We look forward to hearing from you!
The Adobe Research Team

10 thoughts on “Hi Adobe… thank you very much for writing to me

  1. Odd child

    I get these things all the time from Adobe and others. Quite often I do them – but ‘tother night I was feeling mildly insane and could not be bothered! Not being over serious though. I’m a fan of their products!

    I’d quite enjoy doing a ‘Paid’ survey though… or get some small ‘gift item’ in return!

  2. I agree with what you say. I absolutely hate those automatic surveys that pop up on the internet.

    Why do they do surveys? – To improve their service?
    Why do they want to improve their service? – To get more customers.
    Why do they want customers? – To increase their financial turnover.
    Why do they want a better turnover? – Because they’re after a bigger profit and more dosh in their pocket.

    I think if they expect us to help make them richer we should get a bit of a recognition and reward in return – seems only fair.

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