Love is in the lair?….

Ageing middle aged roue, lawyer, blogger and professional Rioja drinker seeks attractive, amusing woman who does not spend her leisure hours reading Rayden on Divorce or stripping newsagent shelves of Bride Monthly.  Tax and Trust lawyers or those with off-shore expertise need not apply. Smokers encouraged and drinking is compulsory.

Despite the fact that I have been married  so many times I now have an ASBO prohibiting me from going within 200 yards of a Church, Register Office or other licensed place for the purpose of committing libertarian suicide, I am not, contrary to the *advert* above, looking for love or a shag.

No… I am assisting my good friends over at LawandMore with their latest idea, cooked up possibly after work at a decent wine bar.  Their idea?  The Dating Game…

This is what I received from the most amusing editor (she who set fire accidentally to my chest hair while I was a guest of LawandMore  at an excellent lunch last summer)

Are you single? Is the person sitting next to you single? Is James from IP single?

Law and More, after numerous requests, has finally got round to introducing
Lawandmore Dating. The section will work much as you find in The London Paper/Metro but, obviously, we’ll be sending out hot lawyers out on various escapades around the capital – wine tasting, slap up meal for two, dancing lesson etc ( also happy to organise any requests)  (all expenses paid, naturally) . All we require you to do is a. have fun b. to write up a smart and sassy review of the evening and any intricacies that evolve! You can, of course, remain anonymous should you so wish. All we require is the name of your firm/chamber/practice and a few photographs of the evening which can be altered to preserve confidentiality. Of course, as this section is totally new, we are very much open to any ideas you may have to make this section fly.

We are currently inviting all singletons that work within the legal profession (and would like to go on a date with a foxy peer) to submit a very short resume stating: Sex,  Age, Orientation, Interests, Position within firm,Looking for/interest/ideal partner, Recent photo, Ideal date/ activity

We’ll than match you, hopefully, with your kindred spirit and send you on an all expenses paid date in the Capital (regional to follow) Please forward this email on to any of your single peers that could do with a fabulous night out and someone to call their ‘own’.

Please submit entries/requests/feedback/ideas to and – all material will be handled with the utmost discretion.

Editorial Note: Having said that… if anyone would like….. no….. no…. enjoy yourselves.

15 thoughts on “Love is in the lair?….

  1. Good God, isn’t one lawyer out on a date enough?

    This does sound like fun though – I don’t understand what Lawandmore gets out of it though, other than some funny stories accompanied by pictures of half inebriated lawyers?

    Oh, I see: this is like the Scientology Initiation where you end up divulging all sorts of naughty secrets under duress (usually hypnotherapy but here copious amounts of alcohol presumably) which can then be used against you for the ‘greater good’….

    How dastardly 🙂

  2. As if LAWYERS out on a date isnt bad enough, I have it on authority ( oh, alright FACEBOOK) that STUDENTS are to be allowed to participate in this wonderous scheme !
    All these Bar Students rushing about doing a Cat-Keating sort of thing simply does not BEAR thinking about!!

  3. PS: The thought of two thirds of Legal London Rushing about knocking one another off really does not BARE, er, sorry BEAR, thinking about!!

  4. Hahaha,

    I don’t getting naked is a pre-requisite to the promo – the idea from what I read on the site is that you go about reviewing venues (how you choose to do that and quite what you review is presumably down to each party but one’s activities will have to be written up the following morning, which is kind of an incentive to actually enjoy a good night out on the town rather than to worry about the colour of your date’s underpants).

    Of course if you like your date, I would imagine you can wander/ wonder away…..

  5. Sir,

    No need for you to hide behind this facade of “others dating”. Much easier if I just send across a selection of my European girls for your perusal.

    Keep one or two for your own entertainment, use the others for domestic chores, shopping etc.
    I hear that the older ones make excellent coffee tables for knick knacks and drinks…

    Lunch at the palace this week, will have to cancel our Gordon Ramsay experience.

    By the way… I keep hearing that he is still pretending to be one of ours. Horrible little man.



  6. Dear Sir James….

    He was a footballer that cook chap with Tourettes, I think? Be that as it may – you are going to the Palace. Whatever for?

    I had you down as a man who might say “To the King across the Water, Jacobus”…

    Never mind…. Spearmint Rhinio in two weeks…. Ex-German Finance Minister is coming… he’s not that busy and could do with a lift!.

    Until then… or as we say in Sicily… a piu tarde… if you get my meaning


  7. James C… I’m in favour of lawyers getting some recompense !

    Law Minx – I rather like the idea of young people having fun… lawyers cavorting with each other is an image I find amusing! I stress AMUSING… only.

    Natasha… I have done restaurant reviews for LawandMore – fun. I may have to do a test drive for this latest initiative… yeah.. OK… I’ll get my coat.

  8. Sir,

    One never turns down a request for a cock-a-leekie lunch, even from the auld enemy.

    Besides.. the Diana trinket stock is running rather low, thought I might just replenish on the QT!

    I can’t for the life of me recall where that Burrell chappy went to.

    Nice new layout by the way.. most spiffing.

    Ciao, for now, as they say in Dorking, Crossmaglen, and of course Harrods food hall.


  9. This brought to mind an old Jackson Browne song called – um – ‘lawyers in love’. I quote…

    ‘I can’t keep up with what’s been going down
    I think my heart must just be slowing down
    Among the human beings in their designer jeans
    Am I the only one who hears the screams
    And the strangled cries of lawyers in love’

    and later a reference to…

    ‘…the mating calls of lawyers in love’

    As the young people wuld say ‘ewwwww…’


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