Letter from London: 22 February 2009

I began my day early this morning, well before the sun was up and, as is often the case, went on to Twitter after clearing the work side of my life. My first post on Twitter came as dawn was breaking.  It read: “Bonjour…another day begins in London… not many people about. All is quiet. Waiting for the sea gulls and cormorants to fly by.”

The gulls did come… many hundreds, possibly over a thousand of them, like wave after wave of bombers from the war over British skies, save that their mission was peaceful.  They were on their way towards the West to have their breakfast on the river further upstream. I watched them, sipping a mug of hot tea and smoked a few cigarettes.  It was a good way to spend fifteen minutes or so. Breakfast for me was a toasted chicken sandwich – a rather bizarre choice you may think and you would be right to think that.  I am now on a chicken sandwich obsession.  Months ago I depleted the seas of smoked mackerel fillets until I could not face another mackerel for months to come. Soon, I shall tire of chicken sandwiches and move on to some other fad.

Be that as it may… there are serious matters to report in my letter to you this week.

I don’t give interviews very often, not that I get asked that often. I suffer from cyber-schizophrenia… never entirely sure whether I am my alter ago and pseudonym Charon QC or the other bloke.  But.. tonight I was interviewed by Natasha Phillips of the Divorce Manual Blog and I managed to try and be sensible for part of it, at least.  If you would like to listen to me be being *Tango’d* – Natasha did a very good job.

In defence of our Civil Liberties…

Where does one start? Like many, I have had enough of the erosion of civil liberties which continues remorselessly under Prime Mentalist Brown’s unlected tenure of the office of Prime Minister and First Lord of the Empty Treasury. So… I have started doing a series of podcasts (or Lawcasts as I like to call them now after my early morning Rioja.. more of this later)… on civil liberties. I began with  *Lawcast* with Ian Parker-Joseph, leader of the UK Libertarian Party and tomorrow I do a lawcast with Roger Smith, Director of Justice, the human rights and law reform organisation.  I intend to invite othe commentators with a view on Civil Liberties and who knows… maybe a politician or two may be prepared to be interviewed?  One can but ask.

Today, I set up a spin-off website to my Insite Law mag siteLAWCASTS.net as a site for my own “Lawcasts” and podcasts from other bloggers and lawyers.  If you are a blogger, academic or lawyer and you would like to promote your podcasts – please let me know and I will give you your own space/link on Lawcasts.net

On the subject of podcasts… the modern Rake’s progress continues in West London Man with George in custody at La Guardia airport, New Yoork. He is visited by his lawyer who turns out to be a serious real criminal defense lawyer, Scott Greenfield, author of the excellent Simple Justice Blog. Lawyer Greenfield puts up with no nonsense from George.  The script was largely written for this episode by Colin Samuels of the Infamy of Praise blog with advice and guidance being given by Scott and ‘Charon’. Gonzo journalism gone mad?  Possibly. Listen to West London Man 25: The La Guardia Archipelago

Insite Law newswire

My weekly newswire seems to be of some use to users.  Although I publish it each week on both Insite Law and the Insite Law Blog – you may find it useful to have your own copy by email.  If you would like a copy of the newswire delivered to your in-box – please sign up here. If you would like to see what #4 contained – click here

I’m orf for a chicken sandwich. I may be back later.  Have a good week.

Regards as always,

4 thoughts on “Letter from London: 22 February 2009

  1. Sir,

    Working on a Sunday? Am I to expect a hefty invoice charged at double time?
    One certainly hopes not.

    I would advise that one downs quill and retires to the bar for a well earned beverage. Use my tab, but do ensure that ‘double’ applies only to your vision.


  2. Sir James,

    I toil night and day to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. I watch the shores of this sodden isle for U-Boats.. and I get not a jot of thanks for it from The Ministry of Defence.

    I am working tirelessly, remoselessly, thinking up new things to add to your *Fee note*. In this endeavour, I am pleased to report that I have been… shall we say… most successful.

    I shall be emailing it…. to save on the postage!

    As ever, with your best interests in my my mind.



  3. I just listened to your podcast with Ms Phillips – how fascinating to hear you bieng interviewed for a change – most entertaining!
    I did not realise that you had sailed away from your houseboat 40 miles into the sunset!!! Did you encounter many unexpected perils of the sea in your voyage?!

  4. CharonQC,

    I’m delighted to learn that a respected fellow such as yourself sees the error of Gordon Brown’s (and indeed Labour’s) approach to human rights. You, if I remember correctly, informed me of Labour’s lack of regard for human rights on Twitter.

    Since then, it’s been a continued move towards the subject of civil liberties, globalisation and the ‘New World Order’.

    I’m glad that you’ve decided to do a series on civil liberties, an important issue for the general public.

    I’m equally glad that there is now a space for your podcasts, which I have recently been downloading.

    Keep up the good work!

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