Podcast 100: Podcast 100: Dan Hull the credit-crunch, law firms and the future

Welcome to my 100th Podcast interview with movers, shakers, practitioners and pundits from  the wonderful world of law… practice and academe.

Today I am talking to Dan Hull, founder of Hull McGuire PC with Julie McGuire. Dan, A litigator and lobbyist with life-long professional ties to Washington, D.C practices in the areas of commercial litigation (primarily U.S. federal courts and ADR abroad), environmental law, employment practices law, and legislative affairs.  He is also the founder of the well known and well regarded WhatAbout Clients? Blog which, at weekends turns itself into the WhatAboutParis? Blog.

We talk about The credit-crunch – law firm redundancies – the ‘knowledge gap’ – the Billable hour v Flat fee controversy and even talk about Geeklawyer.

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7 thoughts on “Podcast 100: Podcast 100: Dan Hull the credit-crunch, law firms and the future

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  2. Congratulations on the century Charon. I’m glad you resisted the urge to go for a while slog after number 97, unlike the Dumb-slog millionaire KP.

  3. Ah, for some reason I wrote “while” instead of “wild”, leaving me looking like the idiot, rather than the rich cricketer. I’ll get my coat.

  4. Again, an honor to be your guest. What you are doing with the podcasts–they are comparable in quality only to the shows GE’s Mike McIlwrath is doing in his CPR interviews re: ADR–is among the few consistently true-quality phenoms in the blogosphere. How many shows can you listen to and, at the same time, walk away from those 30 minutes as a better lawyer, business person and world citizen-doer?

  5. Dan – as always a pleasure to do a podcast with you. I am always appreciative of the time spent by podcastees in both preparing for and doing their podcasts with me. As I have observed… I can’t really do podcasts without podcastees… for then I would end up talking to myself (as I do occasionally)… and therein lies madness.

    Thanks for the time. It was a pleasure. Had a lot of downloads for your podcast. Above the Law and elsewhere….

    Now… I am writing about the present government and their approach to controlling the people of this once green and pleasant land.

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