Pageflakes is down…

Yet again Pageflakes is down, and has been since yesterday.  Some say it will come back.  I hope so.

I have, however, re-done (and expanded considerably) the page for UK legal news and Law Blogs using Netvibes, which I prefer.  I will gradually replace the US, Canadian, Australian and other Pageflake pages I did.  Unfortunately, this means I will have to visit about 500 blogs.  If Pageflakes comes back – great – but I will, in any event, replace all my blog feeder pages.

Have a look at the new Netvibes page for all the major UK Blawgs I have been able to find + news and a few journals (I am still searching for Uk law journal feeds). There are tabs on the Netvibes page for Law news and journal pages.  The URL is to the main Law blogs section. It takes a bit of time to load.  There are a lot of UK blogs coming through now and I had not picked some of these up on my Pageflake page.

4 thoughts on “Pageflakes is down…

  1. Pageflakes is apparently being moved to new servers, according to CNET. However, this report was yesterday and they were told it was going to be back up in ‘hours’. Clearly that’s not the case, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t come back any time soon. Even if it does, who is going to trust their data to it? The Pageflakes team made 10 fatal errors IMO

  2. Thanks Phil… There have been problems with Pageflakes outage – pity. It was quite a good service and free.

    However.. I have now spent the greater part of today creating an even better collection of blogs, reports and news etc on Netvibes.

    Hopefully Pageflakes will return – if not, I shall do the same for US, Canadian, Australian etc blogs. That will take rather longer to do – there are many more than for the UK!

    But… I will do it!

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