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I despair of my brother Charon QC sometimes. I sit down to a glass of vodka and lime the other morning to read The Lawyer online and find that he is wasting yet more time (quite apart from the time he wastes on Twitter) by writing asinine captions to a picture of fellow academic, Peter Crisp, Dean and CEO of BPP Law School.

Be that as it may… I have spent much of my life in obfuscation; writing books, articles and monographs designed to challenge and baffle.   Generations of law students have left my charge with little understanding of the law, let alone its subtleties and complexities.

Turning to matters of greater importance. The law students of Cambridge University, privileged and assured of a place at the top of the bottom rung of the legal profession when they graduate, have been protesting, quite reasonably, about the conflict in Gaza and Israel.  The only problem is, instead of travelling to London to protest or protest using the power of Twitter or the blawgospehere, they decided to occupy the Law Faculty and this has led to a few problems with the University authorities.

They have a blog – and you may, therefore, consider whether their arguments are reasonable or unreasonable according to your political persuasion and taste. For my part, I make no comment save to say that protest is always good, but the methodology is important for it to have some effect. And if that is not an example of ‘obfuscation’ I do not know what is.

Linklaters to shed 120 associates

The City continues its relentless drive to ensure long term profitability for the partners by facing the stark reality that the credit-crunch has affected the the flow of work and fees.  Linklaters joined other Magic Circle and large City firms by announcing today that it is to shed 120 associates.  Partners are also going to be asked to leave.  Trainees are not affected.  Their training contracts are regulated by the SRA and SRA permission, as I understand it, is required before a trainee can be given the chop.  I stand to be corrected if I have the wrong end of the stick on this latter point.

My brother, yet again demonstrating his ability to reduce everything to a ridiculous joke, commented on the very serious matter of Lords allegedly misusing their position and allegedly taking backhanders by writing a frivolous parody Lord a Leaping. The fact of the matter is that this is a serious matter and it would appear that we don’t have any serious powers to deal with the eventuality of a peer succumbing to mammon and taking cash for inappropriate behaviour.  The Times reports that the sanction appears to be limited to ‘naming and shaming’ – which is all very well, but Lord Archer still hangs onto his ermine after serving a prison sentence and if these four peers are found to have acted inappropriately by the Star Chamber being convened, then it appears that they will also hold onto the ermine trimmed dressing gowns.

Well… as Charon QC would say.. there we are and…  on that note… it is goodnight from me.

4 thoughts on “Professor R.D. Charon guests…

  1. Very bizarre story from Cambridge. Is Cambridge University Law Faculty arming Israel or something?

    Mind you, when I was an undergraduate, we didn’t mess about with occupations or setting up blogs (which didn’t exist anyway). We put together proper full on riots.

    Young people these days…


    -twangs braces and uncorks the port-

    Any suggestion that the port was nicked from the drinks cabinet in the LSE senior common room in 1972 during an – um – occupation is to be deprecated. Okay, I know who nicked it but I ain’t sayin’ nuffin without my brief.

  2. My brother is a rather dry soul… dessicated, in fact.

    White Rabbit… I agree… what use is there in having a sit in in a law faculty…. in my day we called them lectures.

    Mind you…. I used to go to tutorials with an excellent lecturer caled C D Baker who taught Tort and Trusts. Could smoke, could drink… even took my spade along. (I worked as a gravedigger to pay my way through law school and used to pop along to the graveyard after tutorials to do a bit of digging).

    I am looking forward to your return to blogging…. make haste, for otherwise I shall have to sail again for France and take it again for our Queen.

  3. A sit-in. Crikey, what feeble minded and irrelevant nonsense. And coming from the next generation of magic circle partners, how very apt.

  4. As to the last para on your post, I find it most unfortunate that Peter Mandelson once again finds himself in a key position of power. I would not trust him to put my Kitty-cat’s shit out in the bin without the possibility that he may sell it to further his own ends.

    “If you can’t trust a copper, why trust a politician?”

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