Weekly email newswire from Insite Law – short, sharp and to the point.

I am planning to write a weekly newswire covering legal news, interesting posts from law blogs, podcasts, law reports and other useful information for lawyers each weekend covering the events of the preceding week.  It will be short, sharp and to the point – no frills, no pics… just hard, useful information.

This will, I hope, help you to keep abreast of legal news, reports and info at a quick glance

If you would like to receive a weekly newswire please sign up.  Your email details will, of course, be confidential and will not be sold to spammers or, indeed, anyone else.

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6 thoughts on “Weekly email newswire from Insite Law – short, sharp and to the point.

  1. The newswire is no use to me, personally as I operate outside the consrictions of known law. However, one thing is bugging me.

    For some time now on my visits I have noticed that just to the right of the banner on your blawg there is a tiny 🙂 twisted to vertical in the grey area. I catch this in my peripheral vision. (if there’s one thing I have, it’s peripheral vision)

    My question is this;
    Where can I get one of they things? Is it energy-efficient? Is it recyclable? Can I get a government grant to promote it’s use on my blog? (sorry, that’s four questions)

  2. Sir,

    May I point out that the obvious difficulty this Kneecapping chappie has, is to do with the fact that he is from Lincolnshire. Thus explaining the six fingers on each hand.
    For a modest fee I can arrange for some heavy set types in leather jackets to escort him from the premises and rough the blighter up.

    Think it over, I shall be in the club for luncheon on Friday.

    sincerely, James.

  3. Dear mr Knee

    Tye twisted smiley is a secret device provided by WordPress to watch people who visit my blog. Apparently it allows WordPress to tell me who is visiting my blog and when and I find this most interesting and useful.

    I shall be talking to Mr B’Stard to consider his offer of assistance!

    I’m sorry that you don’t want my carefully crafted and FREE newswire. I shall reflect on this as well.

    With kind regards and best wishes for your future as an outlaw.

  4. Dear Mr Charon,

    Please excuse Ronald from PE, sorry being roughed up, as he is a sensitive boy and suffering from a very bad chest cold at the moment. Being roughed up by nasty Glaswegian persons would be most upsetting for him at a time when he is somewhat emotional after accidentally throwing the pekinese on the fire.

    Edna Knee (Mrs)

  5. I am not allowed to comment on the pekingese incident as my solicitor has advised me (in his own words) “to fuck all the honkeys off”

    Sorry for the french grammar but that’s the bad shit about hiring a bleck gangsta solissiter, innit?

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