Podcast 93: US District Judge, John L. Kane on The War on Drugs

Today I am talking to John L. Kane , a senior District Judge in Denver, Colorado, United States.  John has very robust views on the War on drugs and the antiquated Rules of Civil Procedure and the extent to which judges have stopped adjudicating in courts in order to meet the Tsunami of data generated in this information age.

Listen to Podcast 93: John L. Kane on The War on Drugs


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One thought on “Podcast 93: US District Judge, John L. Kane on The War on Drugs

  1. Enjoyed the podcast, Charon.

    But found that only half the story was told, the two ends of the thread are joined by people such as Catherine Austin Fitts, eg,

    Ms. Fitts talks about the enormous profits made by Wall Street and government officials through the multi-billion dollar prison and illegal drug economies at the expense of the African [American] community. She exposes how mandatory minimum and three strikes laws used to lock up young black men boost stock prices for Wall Street firms invested in the prison and drug economy, and how these same Wall Street banks are currently being bailed out by the U.S. government after fleecing black people in the sub-prime scam.

    This link gives a good indication as to what she’s about.

    Your fans may want a Charon Fitts podcast after reading all of the above. And we’re (or at least one of us is) waiting for the Simon A Coles podcast.

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