Podcast 91: City Unslicker on the current financial crisis…

Today I am talking to one of the authors of the influential Captalists@Work blog. There are three contributors. City Unslicker, Nick Drew and Bill Quango MP.  This blog is, in my view, a must read for any lawyer who is interested in the City and who works in the corporate-commerical sector.  In fact.. I would go further and say that all lawyers will benefit from reading it.

I’m talking to City Unslicker. We look at an overview of the current financial crisis and the reasons for it – Toxic assets and why the banks lent so much to people with so little – The Role of The Bank of England and whether reduction in interest rates is working – The possibility of Deflation – Short selling of bank shares – The World shedding 70,000 + jobs a day – Madoff  -  How long the recession is likely to last.

Listen to Podcast 91: City Unslicker on the current financial crisis.


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