I’ve been *Podcasted*…!

Rather like TV crews waiting for events to happen who start interviewing each other… tonight I was the first guest on John Bolch’s (Family Lore)  new series of Podcasts. While John plans to focus on Family Law and related matters, he asked me (given that he has been a guest on my podcasts on many occasions) if I would like to be his first guest.  I put my *vermin in ermine kit* on, brushed my absurd new *mustache* and waited by the telephone;  Rioja to my right, a woodbine to my left.  I enjoyed the experience and I wish John every success with his series of podcasts – which, I am assured, will be on matters legal in future….

Listen to the Podcast… John Bolch interviews *Moi*…


Direct link to podcast for iTunes feed

One thought on “I’ve been *Podcasted*…!

  1. Dear Charon QC,
    The notion of a play on Twitter has set my mind to an experiment: one line from every fellow twitter-er in sequence to a neverending story?

    Intrigued as to how you fit a play into the status box…..may account for the updates statistic that is mentioned….

    Lovely interview, lots of fun!

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