Latest news and a news podcast up on Insite Law – 22 January

Each day, as dawn breaks over London, I read all the major news sources for legal stories, including newspapers and our revered Ministry of Justice.  I then go to my Pageflakes page for UK Blawgs and root out the latest stories from the blawgs. My news and blog selections are then carefully inserted onto the front page of Insite Law for your delectation, delight and pleasure.  After several cups of coffee, a few woodbines, I change into a black dinner jacket and, in the style of a BBC newsreader from the 1950s, I read the news – recording it as a podcast.

All this is done without opening a bottle of Rioja – so it seems to make sense. Have a look at the daily news, the latest from the UK Blawgs (Tomorrow, I am doing a US, Canada, Australia  – Blog update) and sit back and have a coffee while listening to the news podcast?

Hopefully, Insite Law and the various Pageflake pages I have put together (You may access these from the blogroll to the right) are of some use to you.

1.  Visit Insite Law for the latest news, the podcast and reports from the blawgs

2.  Try the Pageflake pages if you haven’t already – here is the UK Blawgs page

3. Have a good day!

Upcoming Blawg Review…

Peter Black of the  Freedom to Differ blog in Australia is hosting next week’s Blawg Review.  Last year he released his Blawg Review on Twitter… 140 characters at a time!.  This year?  Who knows. I talk to Peter about his Blawg Review, a bit of cricket, why I am wearing a stetson and wine…

Watch the movie?

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