Fantastic… lawyer advertising in The States

I am grateful to fellow  US bloggers @Gideonstrumpet (A Public Defender blog) and Brian Tannebaum / @MIAMICRIMLAW (Criminal Defense blog) for providing links to three truly astonishing tv adverts for lawyers and one *magical* lawyer website run by a Mr Speer who pulls things out of hats.  It really is worth your time looking at ALL THREE.

1.  Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley film

2. Hal Cook – Attorney at Law

3. Mr Speer…. The Magic Lawyer

The benefits of being on Twitter are many!…

AND… if you want to see some remarkable behaviour and interchanges between lawyers in Texas (And I really recommend this short film) then click here. (Hat Tip to Gideon!)


I did podcasts with Gideon and Brian Tannebaum recently on aspects of criminal defense in Connecticut and Miami.

Podcast with Gideon of a Public Defender blog | Podcast with Brian Tannebaum

22 thoughts on “Fantastic… lawyer advertising in The States

  1. Hey Chaggers

    GREAT blog ole buddy – P particulary liked your podcast with the US attorney geezer. Off – the cuff stuff – very interesting.

    How the heck can I load down those blogs – so when I am road running I can listen to them on the IPod?

    Got to tell you though: that podcast with greeklawyer freaked me out a bit. Is he a real frekin’ barrister? I know he’s not a “criminal barrister” but he is “criminal” barrister – if you take my meaning.

    What a ……. edit….

    I mean – spliffin it up – refs to underage sex – drugs ….what a joke !

    Is he really the sort of ***** you (a respected blogger) need to be associating with?

    Come on Chaggers….think about it.

    Edited by Charon….

  2. Mr Pineapples…. Good to hear from you. I wouldn’t take the references to spliffs etc seriously

    Happy Christmas to you.
    I’ll do a deal – if you and Geeklawyer wish to communicate / slag each other off – you can do it on your blogs! So… have edited a section out. 🙂

    Might be more amusing if you actually went for a drink with each other, though!

  3. James… you are quite right… I should have written… “Fellow bloggers from The US” I am. of course, a UK law blogger… well… after a fashion….

    I cannot, now, correct my solecism and misuse of our language, for to do so so would render your comment meaningless.

    I may need to consider changing my choice of wine….the Rioja I am drinking is, clearly, causing me to commit errors of grammar, syntax and spelling….. Do you happen to know if Oddbins do a wine that allows one to write properly after drinking it?

  4. Come now Chaggers…..

    How can you edit the wise postings of The P but fail to edit the incredible comments of Greeklawyer on your podcast?

    Let P remind you:

    He’s smoking a spliff as he speaks to you;

    He plies hard drugs to under-age girls to induce them to have sex with him (not while speaking to you of course).

    Erm…..was THAT not worthy of an edit or two? Or is it only Mr P’s language (which was mild) which offends you?

    Have you lost your marbles?
    Are you bewitched?
    Overawed by this twit?

    Okay – so everything he says might have been in “jest” – but if he’s at The Bar (which I doubt) – surely he is bringing the most honourable profession into disrepute?

    Think about it……

  5. Mr P…. you really have missed the point.

    (a) How do you know he was smoking a spliff? Were you there? I wasn’t. I do podcasts over the telephone. You are a practitioner at the Criminal Bar and are fully aware of the laws of evidence. Ditto drugs/plying. There is a big difference between black, possibly tasteless, humour and the commission of a criminal offence – fortunately.

    It was a Christmas podcast…. not serious, intended to be ‘entertaining’ for regular readers/visitors. If you wish to continue your antipathy towards Geeklawyer – do it through his blog… not mine.

    Geeklawyer is more than capable of defending his actions – so… take it to him. I enjoy his company and his mad blog. He amuses a lot of people – may irritate a few… but if you are offended…. take it up with him directly.

    I shall continue to publish what I wish to publish on my own blawg – I don’t take Christmas podcasts too seriously…..

    I am never knowingly overawed… by anyone…

    Have a good New Year.

    PS… You are right on the edit point … on reflection…. I now re-instate what you stated in your original post in relation to Geeklawyer.

    “What a total arse-hole.”” and, in relation to the other edit… ” Is he really the sort of toss-pot you (a respected blogger) need to be associating with?”

    I’m not entirely sure whether this adds anything… but you made the point about my editing for sensitivity… yours, as it happens…. your objection has been upheld on appeal.

    You have provided a link to your own blog in your original post – and I thank you for being up front on that issue.

  6. Ah ha! But havent you missed the point?

    The Bar – the most honourable of professions is being ridiculed by GreekLawyer……no-matter-that-he-wasnt smoking a spliff…..the fact is – a barrister-so-called says that he was….and drugging under-aged girls.

    No matter – you might say…..”no-matter….it’s only a bit of yule-tide fun”.

    But is it?


    How can that be good for the Bar’s image?

    You must stand up to this upstart- and say:

    “I am NOT over-awed by you GreekLawyer – and “NO” – you CANNOT say anything you fancy on MY esteemed podcast. There might be folks of eminence listening to this – folks of substance – folks who take me – (Chaggers QC) – seriously; and here you are – dragging us all in the mire. I WILL NOT STAND FOR IT”.

    You do need to take this light-weight in hand.

    Stand-up to him.

    Kick his spotty arse (sorry for saying “arse”.

    Come on Chaggs – be a man about this.

    Refuse to be

  7. And another thing Chaggs….

    P does take it up with Greek….but P has now got him on the run….

    The fellow now deletes P’s post.

    But fear yee not….P has seen this all before:

    First – they ignore The P (but He dont go away);
    Then – they pretend to find The P amusing and try to engage The P (as a friend), but that doesnt work; (no sir);
    then they name call The P – to offend The P (but He’s still there – P dont care about that);
    And finally – they delete all P’s comments.


  8. Mr P – I have only this to say…. and I take from Latin

    Saepe summa ingenia in occulto latent
    Frequently, The Greatest Minds Lie Hidden

    and this is also useful…

    Forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit
    Perhaps, Someday It Will Bring Pleasure To Remember Even These Things

    I think enough on this subject? Si?

    Buona notte, Mr P

    Also… construction is all.. listen carefully…. to the podcast.

  9. Sorry ole pal – we didint do latin in my east-end comprehensive.

    You know that you have allowed your excellent blog and podcast to be tarnished by that feckless imp.

    And now you quote latin to try and get out of it. That is never enough.

    Mehinks you have lost yourself up your own fermament.

    But keep up the good work and never forget:

    “in bocca al lupo”

    as the Pope always says

  10. Mr P – you are entitled to your thoughts. Whether you are entitled to express them on my blog is, of course, a matter for me.

    As far as I recall from an email sent some time ago – you speak fluent Italian. I wouldn’t have thought a bit of Latin would have troubled you 🙂

    Enough, already…. as they say …. basta cosi? 🙂

  11. Let me do a deal with you chagsie:

    It goes like this:

    You do blog posts, podcasts etc…..but before you let them loose on the general public (the plebs) – submit them first to The Great P….

    P will check them
    And edit out all the bad stuff
    All the embarassing comments
    The stuff which in 10 years time ole chaggers will cringe at

    P can act as your moral compass..

    Can you send me your address?

    I need somewhere to send my invoices.

    Up for it?

    You bloody well need it

  12. Mr P.

    The last time someone said to me… “Are you up for it?”…. it was in a nightclub… she was hot. I declined. I was stupid!

    Are you a hot chick in tight jeans, blonde hair hairpulled back in a loose pineapple bunch…. with a winning smile? .. if so… as the Dragons in Dragon’s Den say…. *I’m IN*

  13. No – I have tattoos and belong to a travelling family – which in this country is as near to the bleedin’ mafia as we can get.

    My grandfather (now dead) makes a star appearance in the book “King of the Gypsies”.

    Read it

    Then you will understand a bit more about the Famous Mr P

  14. Mr P… I shall follow the link … I’ve sent you private email. Curiously, I have two tattoos… one from when I was in Zambia… the other when I was in a great relationship…. Fortunately, both discreet!. There we are…

    Humour is a complex thing… sometimes it works… sometimes it doesn’t.

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