I was going to be sensible…

I went to bed on Saturday night in my cabin on the boat full of good intentions. I planned to wake on Sunday morning and write about the great problems our world is facing.  Unfortunately, I woke up at 04.09.  I tried to resist  the impulse to go on to  Twitter.  I was, I regret, unable to do so.  I found @Gideonstrumpet,  the author of the  A Public Defender blog in the US (I did a podcast with him last Sunday)  was still up and on Twitter. I should explain that Gideon is in Connecticut, USA.  It was nearing midnight for him.   He invited me to have a glass of red wine, after enquiring whether it may be too early for me.  It was too early for me – but as luck would have it, I did happen to have the rest of a bottle from the previous evening to hand. I make no admissions as to whether I drank the rest of that bottle.

I decided to be interviewed by an obscure US TV station on the Boat – the results are here.
I was asked why I blog and use Twitter.

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