Podcast 81: With US Attorney Scott H Greenfield

Today I am talking to US Attorney and Counsellor at Law  Scott H. Greenfield. For almost 25 years, Scott Greenfield has represented clients charged with crimes or the targets of investigations in state and federal courts across the United States.

Scott is also a prolific blogger - Simple Justice

We cover a few matters relating to practice in the States, a quick look at the recent conviction of O J Simpson and then turn to legal marketing and Twitter.

Listen to Podcast 81: With Scott Greenfield, Attorney at Law

10 thoughts on “Podcast 81: With US Attorney Scott H Greenfield

  1. Mrs SJ – Being a bloke I can’t say I agree with the statement you made because that would not necessarily carry the intended meaning. I’m sure Scott had a moustache in one web pic I saw… or was that pic on Twitter?

    It was fun for me to do the podcast. Was it good for you?

  2. Mrs SJ – At this point in the evening I don’t really have a point or, indeed, a point. So I can’t really point to any reason for making the statement…. I put this down to seeing too many marketing tweets…. it has affected the balance of what I am pleased to call whatever is left of my mind.

    A bit of Taramasalata should sort the food deficit out. An enjoyable bottle tonight.

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