Daily Legal News… and make your own movies?

Daily News and blog coverage up on Insite Law – Podcast by 11.00.Daily Daily

I have found (Hat Tip to William Flack Blog) a marvellous way of wasting even yet more time.

Watch the film… you too can make bizarre movies… click here.


Episode 2 The Lawyers
Newsreader Jack Charon interviews Matt Muttley, managing partner of Muttley Dastardly LLP – Are we living in a police state?


Episode 3 The Lawyers
H M The Queen consults her lawyer

5 thoughts on “Daily Legal News… and make your own movies?

  1. MMAP – just popped over to your site – good stuff. MMAP name and title for your blog – bunged you on the good old blogroll!

    Will keep an eye out and put posts up on Insite Law as and when!

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