Restaurant Review: Kensington Place

Some time ago , at the invitation of an editor at LawandMore I went to Kensington Place – a good restaurant in Notting Hill (area).  Fun evening.  I wrote a review.  Here it is.

A small quote: ” On my first visit, I was greeted by a charming lady who smiled. I was taken to my table by the window and was then greeted by Letitia – a waitress – who also smiled.  Smiling is good in the service sector provided it is natural – and these were natural, relaxed and welcoming smiles.  I asked for a glass of house red.”

(I made two visits – second even more incognito than first)

One thought on “Restaurant Review: Kensington Place

  1. Ahhhh, a lovely restaurant. I never found a good excuse to go for the second time though. It was probably a good idea not to rush back to soon though – my then-wife ended up a little the worse for wear and … well, they’ve probably forgotten me by now 😉

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