30th October: Daily Legal news and podcast

Daily Legal News and podcast up on Insitelaw

Delighted to see a small rise in listening figures for my daily news podcasts.  They last for about 5-6 minutes, cover all the main legal and business stories and I usually end up going over to The Sun to see what is happening in the parallel universe covered by that great British institution… Some days I speak like a BBC news reader… I am working on a Channel 4 style…. and if figures rise I may be encouraged to go off piste and start phoning people to see if they would like to go drinking with me.   I shall leave requests to sleep with their daughters or grand daughters to the professionals.

I was a bit late this morning – simply because I had to do something else – but normally the news and podcast is done by 7.00 am or, at the latest, by 9.00 am.

1.  Stlll time to collect one free hour of CPD from The CPD Channel… see Insitelaw right hand column for details (scroll down)

2.  There is a lot of really very good analysis in the UK law and financial blogs – much of it superior to the commercial stuff produced by the more traditional media.  I am concentrating more and more attention on UK, US and International blogs in my daily updates on Insitelaw and starting to include blogs in my daily news podcast.  Have a look – it really is very good the analysis by UK and other bloggers

3. GOOD NEWS: Australia getting stuffed by India in the cricket. Love Aussies as I do, I still can’t help smiling at a score line: Third Test, Delhi: India 613-7d v Australia 50-0 (day two, stumps)  Ashes next year? England could be in a goood position under KP… we shall see…

6 thoughts on “30th October: Daily Legal news and podcast

  1. CQC

    bit of topic

    we all know you have a bat phone to every lawyer in the country, might you employ this to find out if anonymous assistant’s site is being repaired?

  2. Sumoking… Good idea… enjoyed my podcast with her… and always read her site… noticed it was doing weird things last night. I shall send her an email now and see what the story is

    Good plan.

  3. I’m sorry to ask CQC, seems a bit cheeky but i get withdrawls.

    Would be a shame (and a beating) if some techno monkey had deleted it

  4. Sumoking… agree…. good blog. I hope all is well with AA. Enjoy doing all my podcasts but that one with her was a riot… I was a bit pissed… don’t usually do podcasts juiced up.. for obvious reasons…. i do most during he day!

    I’ve just created a new character… Henry… Mr Justice X….

  5. There is a lot of really very good analysis in the UK law and financial blogs.

    You can say that again, mate. In fact don’t; I’ll do it for you: “There is a lot of really very good analysis in the UK law and financial blogs.

    There’s yourself, Head of Legal, Spyblog, I could go on and on; further, it isn’t confined to law and finance. Anyway, here’s something that’s very interesting from Operation Billiards.

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