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As the sun set over The Thames and the BBC promised ‘heavy showers’ did not arrive, I decided that a night away from the recession, writing  law book chapters, or anything connected with the serious business of law, was in order.  It is Tuesday;  a little too early in the week to run amok in a wine bar or gastropub.  So it is a night in.

With all the talk recently on Twitter about steak pies (which I am partly responsible for) I appear to have developed a taste for them.  I shall not go into any detail here, but I do seem to get into various food fads.  For a month in July-August I was obsessed by mackerel, smoked mackerel. I recall, two years ago at The Bollo, eating well done calves liver and mash every lunchtime for nearly eight weeks.  Chef, I was told, liked to cook it ‘medium rare’.  My response to the manager, who knew me well, was “Please ask Chef not to be such an idle sod…. and to cook mine well done.”  I did, of course, know the chef quite well;  for otherwise such a remark would have been rude.  He was quite happy to ‘cremate’ my calves liver for me. There came a point, inevitably, when it was no longer possible for my id, my ego, my psyche or my stomach, to cope with any more calves liver and the search was on for a new food fad.  For the moment… it is STEAK PIES… or, as the French like to call them… Filet De Boeuf En Croûte.  The French can call them whatever they like.  I shall ask for BEEF WELLINGTON when next I am in Paris – and see what happens. There is, of course, a subtle difference in style between a good steak pie and a ponced up Beef Wellington.

I was fascinated to read in The Lawyer that investment bankers and others from the financial sector are piling onto GDL courses to re-qualify as lawyers.

The Lawyer reports: The number of students enrolling on the GDL at the UK’s biggest law schools has rocketed, with graduates seeking shelter in the safe haven of the legal sector as the global financial crisis continues to rage.

“CoL chief executive Nigel Savage said: “I saw the same thing happen in the last recession, whereby graduates from other sectors such as banking and finance decided to convert to law. A great surge in people will mean even more competition for training contracts – especially because firms have kept their vacancy numbers virtually static over the past few years.”

Nigel Savage is an astute man and is well aware of the severe downturn expected in the legal sector.  The newspapers and legal press are full of reports of redundancies, re-structuring, law firm mergers et al.  At least the law schools are doing well – eh?

More later…… just off to buy another steak pie….. these are ‘ard times we live in…. need to make sure there is a spare steak pie in the larder…  back soon.

UPDATE:  It appears that the BBC forecasters were right. The heavy showers have just arrived.  Fortunately, I appear to have a black umbrella from Claridges on board so I shall venture forth suitably protected.  The Claridges Chicken Pie cooked by Gordon Ramsay, by the way,  is excellent.  One of his cookbooks has the recipe.  I have cooked it for guests on several occasions.  Good pie.

3 thoughts on “A night in with the blog

  1. A good pie is much underrated fare. There’s simply nothing to match a really good quality steak pie with a supporting cast of sturdy British veg. And don’t skimp on the gravy.

  2. FatBigot: It is all in the gravy… and… I have a tip!

    A friend told me last night that stews and steak pies should be left to cool for a good twenty minutes after… so the flavours are drawn back into the meat on cooling…. he’s right. Good tip.

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